A general directory of Vietnamese websites - A big directory of websites about almost all aspects of Vietnam. ...
Hi all,
Here is just the one address you need to know.

It's the
"All you wanted to know about Vietnam...
but were only too unsure to ask..."

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It features, in many languages (Vietnamese, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, some Korean, or German, Russian...) :

  • links to over 20,000 photos of Vietnam
  • all links to Vietnamese maps, history, institutions,
  • presentations of all cities and all provinces
  • arts & culture, archaeology,
  • universities, online radios & TV, music,
  • Vietnamese forum boards around the world,
  • the news, daily's and magazines, of course,
  • most free web-based email clients,
  • Vietnamese chats, games, ecards,
    and so, so much more...
    even including direct on-the-page
  • from/to Vietnamese multi-lingual dictionary
  • Google Search by Example (displaying Unicode)...
  • support of 800x600 and 1024x768 screen definitions
and it's a Very Happy Beautifully Designed Website Very Happy too!

If you really are interested and/or concerned about Vietnam, this is where you will like to spend probably months and months going through it!